The Grand brothers

The Grand brothers

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Creative services


Composition / Songwriting / Arrangements / Production / Musicians / Vocal direction (music or advertising) / Consultation / Masterclass

Technical services

Enregistrement et captation live

Studio or mobile recording / Live sound (public or web) and multi-track recording (on-location) / Re-amping / Mix / Mastering / Masterclass


Conviviality, modernism and outstanding acoustics

Superb recording facility in Morin-Heights, in the beautiful Laurentians, north of Montreal.

Recording, mixing and mastering work is done in exceptional acoustics, aided by an array of world-class vintage and modern gear.

Multiple instruments, vintage guitars and basses, amps, 9” grand piano (Baldwin SD6 1965) and upright (Ludwig & Co) etc. are available.


Fruit of many years of reflection, the recording space was built with modern and ecological philosophies in mind.


Ceiling height at 6m (20’) in the main room. Additional living areas in the house allow many people to work and play.

Outstanding acoustics

Warm, precise and defined. A German-designed tech, the walls of the studio are built with bonded wood fiber stacking blocks that produce a very high level of definition, warmth and separation of the instruments.


The studio is equipped with an array of boutique gear acquired over the years. Partial list : vintage preamps (custom-made); API 312 (2), Langevin AM16 (6), Northern Electric tube (4), RCA BA11a tube (2), Ward Beck M124 (4), DAD AX24 (8); compressors Neve 2254e, UREI 1176LN rev D, & Alan Smart C2, RETRO STA-Level, microphones including: Telefunken U48 (2), Korby Kat-5 (2), Coles 4038 (2).

HD AD/DA conversion

Recording and monitoring via the 96Khz D.A.D. AX24, from Denmark (software: Harrison MIxbus, Digital Performer or Ableton Live).


Heated floors. Located in a forest near all services (grocery store, SAQ, spas, ski resorts).

Artists and projects


Les frères Grand

Canyon Diablo


Pilote d’essai


Les jours


Previous productions

  • Oliver Charles (in production) | Inclusion Music
  • Mimoza H – Uproot | Productions Slap
  • Kevin Parent – Kevin Parent | Tandem
  • Pascale Picard – Me, Myself, And Us | Polydor
  • Terez Montcalm – Terez | GSI
  • Dee – Day By Day | La Tribu
  • Liza Melfi – Yesteryears | EDC
  • Jo Bocan – La Loupe | EDC
  • Bran Van 3000 – Discosis | Grand Royal
  • Lili Fatale | Panavision
  • Le Cirque Du Soleil – Dralion | CDS
  • Day Dream – The Sounds Of Life | MCA


For any request for services for the studio or the realization as well as the sending of demos*, please contact Sylvain Grand & Dominique Grand:

* The Grand brothers accept links to demos of French and English speaking artists but will only respond to those who catch the team’s attention.